Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to spend more time networking, attend industry events and scale your business

  • The new product or service line you know your clients will love, has been put on hold again

  • Finding consistent quality time to spend with your family and friends will happen….one day

  • Knowing you spend too much time on routine tasks as there just hasn’t been time to standardize operations

The challenges are real and I get it!!!

I understand how many hats you need to wear but working longer hours is not the solution.

The solution is having a dedicated executive virtual assistant work alongside you, who can manage the operational and marketing side of business so you can focus on other priorities.

To save you time, I have teamed up with quality professionals in industries where you may require other services or it’s a short assignment.

The online community is close knit and everyone on my team is highly respected in their industry.


  • Gatekeeper for Business Owner

  • Project Management

  • Onboarding New Staff & Clients

  • Conference & Event Planning

  • Recruitment Process

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Linkedin Optimization

  • Marketing Strategy & Social Media Scheduling

  • Business Travel

  • Templates & Document Control

  • Expense Reports

  • Tech VA - Slack, Trello, Asana and others

  • Research

  • Website updates

  • Personal Assistance


All packages start at $250/week with a 1 month commitment.



  • Graphic Designers - Logos, InfoGraphics

  • Copywriters

  • Funnel Builders

  • Coaches

  • Courses Creators

  • Product Launch Specialists

  • Publicists

  • Podcast & Video Editors

  • FB Ads & Messenger Marketing

  • Website Designers

  • Brand Strategists

  • Virtual Assistants

PREMIUM PACKAGE - 5 hours/week

PREMIUM PACKAGE - 5 hours/week

ELITE PACKAGE - 10 hours/week

ELITE PACKAGE - 10 hours/week

VIP PACKAGE - 20 hours/week

VIP PACKAGE - 20 hours/week