Hello, I’m Lynn

It was raining hard the day I quit my secure, 10-year old job.
I loved my job, my clients and the satisfaction of having well organized and productive systems in place. I loved delving into chaotic situations and emerging with a clear, organized processes to solve the problem.
I loved it.

I just loved adventure and my husband more.

Planning a year-long trip around the world takes time to organize, budget, research and plan. There are checklists to be made, forms to be filled out, decisions made on what to pack and where do we go?  

We purchased an around the world ticket and we were off adventuring.

Reading and swimming from a beach house in the Andaman Sea, living on houseboat in Hong Kong harbour and celebrating a wedding in Brisbane with locals.

I would have been much more stressing and a lot less adventuring if I had not been prepared.

I love being organized and not fond of surprises.

Like, who knew putting cash inside your passport to gain entry was a thing? I did.


Because I make it my business to know.  It’s my super power.

As adventurous as our trip was, there always needs to be structure and a plan.  Even if the plan is to do nothing for a few days. The only event I didn’t plan was - I was robbed!

Landing in Melborne, Australia, I went to retrieve my passport and a separate wallet we used that held small amounts of local currency.

My passport is ALWAYS in the same place but it wasn’t where it should have been and neither was the wallet. They were kept in two separate bags. What was going on? Panic set in!

I  know I had both of them when we left for the airport - checklists come in handy!

The carry on bag holding the wallet had been slit on the bottom and the wallet was gone but where was my passport?  

I remembered, there was a last minute gate change and in a rush to catch our flight I put my passport in the jacket I was wearing - what a relief!!!

Checklists are a must!!

Checklists are a must!!

For the remainder of the trip, I always took the extra few seconds to put it back in its rightful place.

Upon arriving back in Canada, the reality of not working for a year kicked in. I accepted a job, doing what I love - keeping executives organized and setting up systems and processes to keep us on track.

After 10 years, it was time for a new adventure doing what I love.  

I’ve always admired entrepreneurs and small business owners who are leading their own adventure and following their dream. I decided this is who I want to work with.  

Since 2016, I’ve been dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them manage their time, set up systems and manage projects so they can grow their business or focus on other priorities.

My husband and I are still avid travelers.

Our last big trip took us to South Africa. Thankfully, there were no customs issues as everything was packed and stored where it should be.

Bo Kaap, Cape Town, SA

Bo Kaap, Cape Town, SA

Our Uber was hit by a police car heading to the airport but that’s another non-planned adventure and story for another day.

Business as with life should be a roller coaster of excitement.  As long as foundational pieces are in order we can enjoy the ride so much more.  

I may not know everything about business but I guarantee you I will find solutions to any problem.  You will be hard pressed to find anyone more dedicated to your business success than I.

If you’re ready to get back to doing what you love and let me do what I love, we should chat.